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You Are Your Habits

Don't tell me what you want. You don't have to. Your actions, day-in and day-out will tell me what you want. Had an athlete this morning at 7 am workouts come in late and say he "wasn't a morning person."  Here was our conversation: "Are you a rugby player?" I asked. "Yes." "4 years ago, were you a rugby player?" "No." "Why not?" "I'd never player before." "After the first day of practice, did you call yourself a rugby player." "No." "Why not?" "I hadn't played enough." "Are you the best player on the team." "No." "But you still call yourself a rugby player? Why?" "Because I've been playing for four years." "Well, when you wake up for morning workouts every day for four years, then you will be a morning person." Don't tell me what you're not. If you want to be something, change your habits. It takes time and a tremendous amount of effort. And it doesn't happen in one day or one week. No one is destined to be a "morning person."  Your habits dictate your behavior. If you want something bad enough, if your 'why' is strong enough, you can make a change.   Now, I'm pretty sure this 17 year old kid does not WANT to be a morning person, I sure as heck didn't. But hopefully now he will know it's a choice he's making, and not as excuse, so when he's 36 one day and has no time to workout during the day, he can say - I can do it before work because I WANT to workout and I WANT to be a morning person. #YouAreYourHabits #effortmindsetattitude #LeaveNoDoubt #morningperson #startwithwhy #motivation #success #DontTellMeShowMe

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