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Today Is Different

Today is just different.

There’s an excitement in the air. An enthusiasm. A giddiness you can’t help but experience.

The butterflies flutter just a little faster, a little harder....

It doesn’t matter who your opponent is. It’s almost like they don’t even exist, as if they are nameless for a brief period of time leading up to the game. Today is bigger than any one team you may face. It’s symbolic of something larger than one game.

Today is just different.

You try to convince yourself it’s not. It’s only one game, right? You try not to over-hype it. You tell yourself to stay calm. But it’s tough.

Today is special.

There’s an extra bounce in your step. It’s natural, not forced. You don’t need any extra motivation. Your legs feel fresh. Your focus is locked in. Your attitude is positive. Your tank is full. You need to figure out a way to stay calm, not get over-excited. You take deeper breaths. You close your eyes and visualize the field, the situations, the moments.

Why can’t every day be like this? Feel like this?

Because today is just different.

Last year doesn’t matter. This is a different road you are on. A new journey. It’s completely unique. It’s almost like last year never happened.

A season is a lifetime and a lifetime needs to be born into existence.

Today is it’s birthday. And birthdays are awesome.

So go ahead, allow yourself to get just a little more giddy. Allow yourself to get just a little more excited…

Because today is opening day.

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