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There's Nothing to Defend

We Aren’t Defending Anything.

There is nothing to defend.  The past seven state championship trophies are put away in a display case sitting in the hall of The Academy.  There is nothing we can do to change that.  Those titles are done.  Those teams were different.  This team is different.  

We are seeking.

We are seeking our first state championship, the only state championship that can be won in 2017.  This team is looking to leave a legacy.  To leave this program better than they found it.  To set up the 2018 team with a chance to win its “first” championship.

Every year is different.  Every team is different.  And with every new year, every team faces new and different challenges.  Rosters change.  Key performers change.  There are 18 members of this team that have never seen a state final, that have never had the opportunity to hoist the trophy.  That is reason enough to justify how unique and important this championship chase is.  

We are seeking.

Attitude is everything.  Words have value.  Words have consequences.  We will relentlessly pursue our only opportunity to win a state championship this year, our first state championship.  We will see this challenge as a privilege.  We will seek this title with the same determination, hunger, and passion as if it were the first in program history - the only in program history.  After all, it is the ONLY state title to be won in 2017 and this will be our ONLY chance to win it.  

We aren’t defending anything.  We are seeking our first championship ever.  And we are ready.

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